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Steve Sekhon

Broker, Urban Planner, Builder

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Using the latest technology to find the use market, search, inform and analyze what’s happening in the Real Estate Market.

Big Picture

Nobody has a crystal ball, but I will help you analyze the market with accurate data, balancing the pros and cons to help you determine the right course of action for you.

Outside the Box

What is the box? It’s only seeing one way of doing things. It’s failing to acknowledge that there is nearly always a work-around, an alternative…a solution. I don’t like being confined to the box and that attitude helps my clients.

Golden Rule

I have a fundamental committment to you to the best of my ability. I am here to advise, consult and counsel you on real estate decisions. My job is not to make a commission, it’s to help you achieve your goal.

The Team

My highly skilled team is competent utilizing the latest technology to access the broadest market possible to market, promote, prepare and sell your property.

  • Odds you’ll want to recommend us to friends, family and Strangers on the street 98.9%
  • How much effort we will exert to satisfy your needs during a transaction 100%
  •  Odds that McGuire’s State-of-the-Art Technology System is the Best Available 95%
  • Percentage of  Motivation that seeks to enhance customer experience 99%
Marcella Tate

Marcella Tate

Office Manager

Intelligent, thorough, and responsive, Marcella is a licensed Real Estate Agent who prepares high-quality Comparative Market Analyses, places ads in relevant local online and in print periodicals, schedules elegant profesional photographers, creates beautiful marketing materials including property flyers and unique property websites.

Kate Stephenson

Kate Stephenson

Social Media Director

Lists properties on McGuire’s high-profile Property of the Week. Conducts specifically targeted Facebook Ad Campaigns. Helps to increase online traffic for listed properties.

Kate Maria

Kate Maria

Broker Associate

Kate Maria is friendly, efficient and experienced. She opens escrows, orders reports and inspections, creates disclosure packages, monitors deadlines, working with clients and assisting them with forms and transactions.