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Steve Sekhon: Best Houseboat Realtor

Steve’s background, which includes building, urban planning and real estate, quite possibly makes him the best Sausalito Houseboat Realtor. He is committed to assisting clients with creative, intelligent and sound counsel, a positive attitude and good humor. His varied background as urban planner, builder and investor ensures that he provides both buyers and sellers with comprehensive, well-informed and thoughtful service.

Steve graduated from UC Berkeley with a BA in International Development and later received a Masters Degree in Urban Planning. After a research fellowship in India, he joined a Washington D.C. based international urban planning consulting firm and worked in Morocco, Tunisia, Bosnia, Cambodia and Southern Sudan.

Upon returning to the San Francisco Bay Area, he worked with Jerry Brown as a research and policy advisor during Brown’s run for Mayor of Oakland.  After realizing that a desk job as an urban planner stateside wasn’t his cup of tea, he began purchasing and rehabilitating houses. He performed and managed every aspect of home building from design, permits and foundation all the way to finish and staging for sale. He has in-depth knowledge of residential construction, a keen eye for design and a knack for devising innovative solutions.

In 2009, Steve and his wife moved to the floating home community in Sausalito where he is actively engaged in the community association and won the award for Member of the year in 2014. Steve’s love for living and playing on the water, make him the best choice for your houseboat real estate needs. He deeply appreciates the views, twinkling light, wildlife and rhythm of the tides that create the magical backdrop that makes living in, on or near the San Francisco Bay such an enchanting experience.

He has practiced and co-taught Tai Chi Chuan for 18 years, enjoys kite-surfing, unicycling, kayaking and exploring the SF Bay with his wife in their Boston Whaler. Ever since he was a ski bum in France after high school, he has relished traveling, learning languages, making art and connecting with people from diverse walks of life. He and his wife write free daily messages for a worldwide audience from their platform Gratitude24-7.com. Their work emphasizes each person’s ability to create their experience of life by becoming conscious of how they interpret and spin what happens. Steve’s main volunteer activity these days is serving as a reading tutor for the Boys and Girls Club of Marin City.

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